My iOS Adventure with Bloc Begins/Continues

Hi, All,

I’ll be using this site as a forum to bring you through the trials and tribulations I’m about to face as I begin/continue my iOS education with Bloc. I should probably first explain what I mean by begins/continues…

Early in 2015, I decided to begin studying iOS (and programming in general) more intensively than I ever had previously. I labored through the process of finding a bootcamp style program which would allow me to study while continuing with my day job. After a bit of searching, I found one that I loved:

I found a great mentor, Matt Hanlon, and elected to start studying in my off hours, during my lunch breaks, weekends, etc. etc. Bloc is fortunately flexible enough where it allows you to study for only 15 hours a week, while covering a vast amount of material and developing a serious knowledge of the system which you are studying. After beginning the program, I was making great progress in learning the necessary tools. Eventually, however, I realized I was not able to devote enough time to the program while still keeping my day job (and beginning to date the love of my life—but no complaints there!) It was then that I knew I had to put the program on hold for the time being. After months had passed and after serious deliberation, I ultimately decided I would have to leave my day job and study full time to pursue what I knew was my real passion—building great, truly tangible products.

As of September 4th,2015 I have left my job—with the loving support of my wonderful girlfriend, Becca—and am preparing to restart the Bloc program. I’m extremely excited to get this underway and, to fulfill what I’m sure is everyone’s dream, to have it be my job to learn and become better at something I love doing.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but stay tuned as I take you through my journey. This blog will likely have moments of confusion as I stumble through things I initially don’t understand, but it will also have those shining moments when I discover an answer to something which has been tripping me up for far too long. As I’ve said, I’m very excited for this and I hope you like joining me on this journey.




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