Reacquainting myself with Bloc, Objective-C

Hi Everyone,

This past week marked the true restart of my studies with Bloc—what a great week! On Tuesday, I officially restarted the timer on my Bloc program and, like that, my studies had resumed… I had given my next steps a fair amount of thought, but, up to that point, still hadn’t fully decided how I’d dive back into the material. When I’d left the program several months back, I was in the middle of a project in which I was creating a simple web browser app. Upon resuming, however, much of my code and original approach was slightly unfamiliar when I reviewed my project. (I had also spent some of the last several months lightly skimming through the basics of Swift, as opposed to Objective-C, so I’d found myself with a reasonable understanding of both, yet wasn’t feeling like a master of either, as I simply hadn’t enough time in code of late.) I decided I would put that project on hold for the time being and that I would instead focus on the next project, an Instagram replica, and would re-familiarize myself by starting off with a clean slate, so to speak.

Thus far, that’s seemed like a great idea. The Objective-C frameworks are starting to make sense again and things seem to be coming together well. After my first meeting with my mentor, Matt, I felt as though I was on the right path. We discussed the best way for me to get back on track with the curriculum and, it seems I had thought out a solid approach. He gave me a few pointers, helped me think through a few adjustments to my plan and, after catching up a bit more, I was back knee deep in code, working through the different stages of my Instagram replica. It’s been a great week re-emersing myself into the iOS development world—and I’m super excited to keep it rolling!

As time goes on I plan on adding some app screenshots and gists (code snippets), like the really basic example below (way back from my first week ever with Objective-C) to give you a more thorough understanding of the tasks/problems/code I’m working through. You’ll also get to see the occasional post about some awesome bike ride, hike, skiing adventure, etc. I’ve been on, so hopefully you’ll enjoy all that’s to come!

Talk soon,



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