New Years Resolution: Keep You All Updated!

Hello and Happy New Year!

I’m writing from Tucson, AZ right now with one thing that has been on my brain for a little while now… I need to be better about keeping you all updated! Even if it’s really just a few members of my family and friends who are reading this  😉

There have been so many changes since I last posted. I’ll try to briefly cover them all: I’ve moved to a new home in Oakland with Becca and several close friends. The initial moving process kept me super busy, as I imagine it does for all who move, and that was followed by plentiful home improvement projects which more or less took over my life. (I have this thing about finishing projects which I start, especially related to my home, and I become a bit obsessed with getting them done…) If you want to see any of the projects, feel free to check them out on instagram: @namolnad — some of them came out really well, and I’m really happy/proud of how our home is coming together.

At about the same time, I was forced to buy a new car, as my truck randomly set on fire and blew up—eeek! It happened to be Becca’s birthday when the truck blew up, so I imagine it was a rather memorable birthday for her, though not the memorable I was hoping for. Fortunately, however, everyone was alright which is obviously the most important part!

I have been skiing quite a bit, between Tahoe and when I visited my family in Whitefish, MT over the holidays. It’s been great to get back on snow and to see so many west coast areas getting some much needed/deserved snowfall. After my two week trip to Whitefish, Becca and I reunited in Oakland (for about 10 hours) and decided to hop in the car and drive down to San Diego to spend New Years with several close friends who live down South. We had a brief stop in LA, several days in beautiful SD and even popped into to Mexico for brunch on our final day in SD!

After bringing Becca to the airport, I continued the trip by driving to Tucson, where I am having our new car converted from an automatic to a manual transmission (there is a long story about why I’m doing this and why I’m doing it here, but I’ll spare you those details and simply assure you that there is good reason.) So here I sit, alone in a hotel room, where I’m finally getting some solid coding time in once again.

I’m realizing things can be very difficult getting back on the studying wagon after “life” has butted its head in the way of your studies. Due to all of the above circumstances—and I should mention I’m very happy about many of them—I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to make adequate coding progress. As I write, things are definitely a little unfamiliar and slightly intimidating now that I’ve begun the projects section of my tutorial. The simple processes and code methodology which were coming so easily just a month or two ago are taking little while to feel fresh and natural again. However, I have to remind myself of a few things: 1. This is normal and to be expected, I’m not an idiot. Just not an experienced professional. Yet! 2. I should focus on recreating the habit of coding or reading code at least a small amount each and every day; the progress and understanding will continue to come back to me as long as I immerse myself fully. 3. Sometimes you need to barrel ahead before having the perfect plan drawn out. It’s better to make progress and adjust along the way, rather than continue to plan everything to perfection and find yourself never actually creating anything.

As far as my projects go: I’m currently building a messaging app, which takes advantage of Apple’s Multi-Peer Connectivity framework (providing the ability to message friends without an internet connection.) I’m also hoping to introduce some sort of homing beacon ability to find friends in a crowd, e.g. at a concert where your friends are difficult to see. So your phone provides Marco Polo sort of information (warmer, warmer, colder kind of thing…) From everything I’ve been reading, that may be difficult to do using the sensors I originally intended, but I won’t let that stop me from trying to find a work around!

That’s all for now! Next time I will hopefully have some updates about the messaging app and should actually have some cool photos to post as well! (I have another adventure weekend planned with a dear friend I haven’t seen in years. Not until after my 13 hour drive home this weekend… :_( to the solo drive & 🙂 to the visit with Ms. Megan Papineau!)


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