I am a senior engineer and a Swift expert who brings a user-centric mindset — ensuring the business succeeds because of its focus on doing what is right for the user. I have a knack for creating tools which accelerate productivity for the entire team. I am a believer in clean coding practices and utilize a combination of tooling and vigilance to ensure complexity does not build up in the system over time.

Hobbies / Leisure

I’m a Bay Area transplant from a small mountain town in Vermont. I spent a good deal of time attempting to qualify for the 2014 Olympics as an alpine ski racer and still love getting back to the mountains for skiing in the backcountry. More recently I’ve become a tennis fanatic, both as a player and a fan (Vamos Rafa!). I also love getting out when I can for some trail running in a feeble attempt to keep up with my wife :)